All about the Sunderland AFC Heaven Branch

Our story, how we’ve grown, what we do and what we can offer fellow fans when they lose someone close that supported Sunderland.


From an idea that came about in a discussion between supporters discussing fond memories of Sunderland fans & BLC members, Fred Taylor and Keith Charlton as well as other supporters that have passed away and the void they leave behind. In our first year, our group grew very quickly and we realised how much Sunderland Football Club is embedded in our lives.


This is a branch where family members can join their loved ones when they pass away. Being a Sunderland fan means you are part of a very special community, and this is as important in death as it is in life.  Having those we love remembered in such a unique way offers those left behind comfort and a chance to connect with others and remember collectively.


Our Name

We understand different faiths may not recognise Heaven. We discussed this with various fans and sought the advice of club chaplain Marc Lyden Smith and are happy that using the word Heaven would be accepted in the way it’s meant, offering comfort and being inclusive to all.

The branch welcomes all no matter their age, gender, ethnicity or faith. the one thing we all have in common is the love of our club.

More than just a Gimmick

As we have grown, we have been contacted by many families in various stages of grief as well as at the loved one’s end of life. 

In this time we have increased and adapted what we offer to those who reach out to us. The pages on this website will demonstrate all we offer. 


We aim to ensure people who join up loved ones have information and links to bereavement support as well as more specific support if suicide-related support. We signpost, where possible to local organisations for support and now have our own monthly peer support group.