Pitch Cuttings

A Piece of Heaven


In May 2023 we approached head groundsman Glen Campbell for pitch clippings after an idea that having the chance to place them with loved ones maybe a comfort. The first batch was cut before the semi-final playoff game against Luton, on 13 May 2023 and we have had regular batches kindly given to us since. Clippings are pressed and dried then placed in either bottles or pouches then given to families to be placed with loved ones.

This simple gesture has offered families immense comfort and in our first year of offering them, 65 fans took some of their beloved stadium of Light with them on their final journey. So far we have also sent clippings to fans in Spain, Ireland and Australia.

In addition to pitch clippings for a loved ones we offer smaller bottles in various forms for those who are left behind to remember them by. Children, parents, and siblings have expressed comfort in being able to have pitch to keep themselves.

We arrange bottles of pitch for burials and pouches of pitch for cremations, please contact us if you are arranging a funeral and would like pitch clippings.


Below shows how we collect, dry then come together as a group to prepare pitch clippings for future families to get comfort from them.